My artwork was one of the selected 35 finalist pieces from over 2500 submissions. The finalist work was incredible and I am grateful to have been within the chosen few.

Details regarding my specific piece

My submission to Visual Arts Open Call Exhibition

Artwork: Breathe

Medium: Canon 80D and photoshop.

Dimensions: 59.4 x 84.1 cm

Price: £1300


The work represents the combining awareness of all that arose in 2020. Covid/ Black Lives Matter and height of climate crisis. Struggling to breathe! It was made using a Canon 80D in long exposure. The model would make movements prior to the flashing of intermittent light. It was then neatened it up with photoshop. The piece is an expression of the arising need for change in humanity’s interactions.

The problem is the solution.

We need to ‘breathe’ step back and reflect.


3 thoughts on “Visual Arts Open Finalist

    1. Oh thank you very much I appreciate your perspective. Sometimes I just never know if things hit right but this one has punch. 🌸 thank you for taking the time to look and comment 🙏


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