About me

Hi I’m Stacie Amelia, I am an artist based in Scotland.

My primary mediums are oil, acrylic or digital but I work with a multitude of mediums including sculpture. I’m hoping to expand my learning as I go, from refreshing the basics to learning more complex practices.

Most of my work is surrealist as this is what arises most naturally. However, I’m all for a challenge and spend time exploring other artistic expressions.


I am driven by exploring what it means to be living this human life and how we each make sense of and meaning from the circumstances we have found ourselves in.


Well, actually we all are! Whilst having our shared humanity. Specifically for me however my niche is mostly in being me!, also helping others to express themselves through my artwork, alongside creating works from my own emotional experiencing.

My personal journey story and journey that brought me here today is this:

I woke up one morning to find my life upside down and scattered across the floor. As I experienced my emotional response I have become curious about how different people make sense of their lives. I am curious about what it means to be human, how we each make sense of our lives and the circumstances we find ourselves in. I will share this explorative artistic journey here with you.

I’ve had a number of exhibitions now, both solo and mixed. They have been the most humbling experiences. Throughout the 2020-2021 pandemic it was an honour to have supported international participants to speak out about how Covid and Lockdown affected them. How they have each made sense of and meaning of their experience.

I am now moving more towards journalistic, storytelling and activist art, this will be an unfurling journey that I look forward to.


A short booklet should you wish to know more about me and the roots of my artwork, where I’m coming from and my personal process:

May you join me along the way.