It has been a while since I have posted.  I have been quietly working away and feeling the enormity of the task I have set myself in exploring this art project.  I need time, however, to integrate all of what has arisen so far and to be realistic in recognising that it is more sensible to spend this first while, as I have been,  identifying and contemplating themes.  I think it is a deeper process and I am choosing not to skim through it.  It is not likely I will have explored with enough depth to achieve any sense of ‘being human’ within one year.  I recognise it was an ambitious outline and I’m finding the exploration is asking me to take my time.   Realistically this is going to be a long term project that will produce work in stages.  As I continue to consider the themes that are arising I shall chose one to follow throughout the rest of this year.   The chosen theme will be the focus of my first exhibition in this project.  Each year shall follow as such.  

The themes, so far, that are standing out for me regarding being human are:

  • Awareness and experiencing of ‘time’ unnegotiably moving forward
  • Experience and affects of emotion
  • Vulnerability and the dance of interdependence 
  • The paradox of innate basic instinct vs. morality 
  • Expansion on morality: Reasoning and responsibility

I’m taking time out for now to continue working on some pieces and take stock. 


2 thoughts on “For Now

    1. This song is very good. I’d need to purchase the rights to play it, I’ve a few on a list and have spent time working out the best way to do it however it’s very costly. Time will tell.


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