In the still moments I find I am sitting with much grief.  Grief has to be the most painful emotional experience of them all, feeling attachment to something we hold dear whilst simultaneously knowing we can not be connected to that anymore.  The swirl fleeting between feeling the yearning for and the feeling of loss, of not being able to be connected to the something that is precious to our hearts.  It carries an absoluteness to it in its heaviest moments. 

Like the energy of a brimming river moving forcibly through the riverbed  against what feels like an unyealding earth, giving rise to surges of water pouring free and returning back to its elemental process only to repeat each time it’s faced with resistant terrain. I am both the water and the earth. 

Sometimes the earth disappears and I fall. 

There are moments, however, downstream where the water is slower, sometimes still and held. In these moments I find I can look around and appreciate the replenishing and aesthetic gifts of nature. I find using my camera to capture my gratitude and appreciation is an outlet for those feelings that no longer have access to their destination.  

The lens captures a moment of inner emotion.  

Eyes Are The Window To The Soul 

~ by vern eaker

“Eyes are the windows to the soul 

Throughout my life I’ve been told 

To see into anothers heart 

Eyes are the place to start 

Be they hazel, green or blue 

Black, brown color changing too 

Matters not what color they be 

They show what one needs to see 

Through these windows the truth lies 

Emotionally nothing hides 

Clear for all to recognize 

Displayed to the world in ones eyes 

Evident are anger, lust and surprise 

Fear, truth, lust, hope and despise 

Happiness, sorrow, and confusion 

Inside familiar eyes there is no illusion 

To gaze deeply is an intense moment 

For the eyes are a intimate component 

Although prominent noticed by all 

Often the feature hardest to recall”


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