I woke up one morning to find my life upside down and scattered across the floor and as I experience my emotional response I have become curious about how different people make sense of their lives.

After the Growing Older exhibition in 2015 I have felt struck by the heartfelt stories shared.

I am looking to connect with you and your stories. I would like to hear about your experiences and how you make sense of your world.

Essentially I will be exploring what it means to be human, the range of emotions we experience from negative to positive and how we make sense of them. I will be hoping to gain understanding of the fundamental human experience; what shapes our logic, hearts & minds.

I hope to stretch my creative work and will share the process as I reflect throughout the journey.  With much learning from my last couple of exhibitions, I will exhibit my collection of works in stages.

Similar to the Growing Older work I will have a particular call for interactive participation.

I will share this explorative journey right here with you.