Watercolour Play

So I decided to experiment more with watercolour on thicker Derwent paper after a wonderful gift from a friend. As said previously this hasn’t been my forte or skilled approach however it is fast growing on me especially in a mixed media way. Here are just a couple of recent examples.

Continuing The Free Mind Doodling

Just a way to record natural mind process, entirely metaphoric like dreaming and free from precognition. Simple momentary arising and not easily decoded. A lovely way to monitor moments of mind stories as they pass like clouds. The collection will be pulled together to create a bigger picture in this Covid moment.

What Is It That Exists?

©️ User 326726150 · Poem - Inadvertent Incognita ©️ This poem was inspired by an interpersonal exchange this week. Inadvertent Incognita When you think, feel and know that you lived, there’s a story of what happened but nothing to prove that it did. Nothing of substance than can be touched to say for sure ‘yes’,…