I’m working on this mixed media painting, it’s rather different and unusually looks rather cartoonish. I think I am beginning to understand why but I won’t know for sure until I finish the second painting. This is a two piece story.

It was quite surprising to find the cartoonish representation and no matter how much I have worked with it it seems to stay this way. It’s a little manga/ whimsical looking. For now I am sitting uncomfortably with it but I am feeling her story will become more apparent in the next stage. When complete I shall post the process of the second piece here and elaborate in a write up presentation on my main website blog at www.stacieamelia.com.

For now here is a quick behind the scenes of this unnamed but in process video.

Unnamed for now

2 thoughts on “Unnamed But In Process

  1. Hello Stacie..love this piece it us still quite raw and shouts to me Lost and found…she also serms to feel part of you and part of Brii and a sense of where am I on all of this??Sorry just a sense she us not yet ready to share the depth of her journey with strangers ..Shoot me down she is certainly beautiful and the manga aspect brings an outer shell of protection..Sending love to you both.. Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2

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