In the face of adversity

Meet ‘Grace’ 84cm x 59cm (840mm x 590mm) mixed media on MDF.

Throughout this blog there are themes that are beginning to clearly emerge for deeper exploration within this being human journey. This painting captures one of them, facing adversity. It is representative of a heart response to such experiences.

This piece is part of a new set expanding further on the ‘stories we tell’ exhibition. More details will follow regarding this new set in time. As with ‘Grief’, in my previous post regarding privilege, this is a personal reflective painting. The entire new set is. Reflecting the stories inside the heart of this being that I call ‘me’, ‘Stacie’.


Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, just when you arrive through one rough wave on the ocean there is little time before the next is upon you, again and again and again. Waiting for that break, wishing to maintain some sense of strength whilst struggling, waiting for peace and relief. Having gratitude as much as possible despite the emotional play out. It can feel endless. This piece demonstrates bracing and holding with a sense of grace regardless. Choosing to look for the magic, as my mother would say, in the midst of hard persistent arising circumstances. A perpetual sense of holding. Having faith that eventually there will be peace and relief.

The painting appears to demonstrate an elegant warmth and beauty within it’s energetic movement of emotion, somehow. This was unexpected, emotionally it doesn’t feel so, not at all. The painting process itself was not an easy one. It was hard to connect with at first. Using gouache as a new medium and painting base for me was challenging in itself, absorbing and stunting the ease of flow I am familiar with when using acrylic or oils. In contrast to my previous piece there was less arising creativity initially and a frequent feeling of dissatisfaction at each stage, a feeling of primitive and unrefined until eventually finding my way and just moving with it. The journey in creating this painting, I found, reflects the emotional process that I feel in facing persistent personal adversity.

Full painting and process


This process consisted of an initial layer of gouache built upon with acrylic, fluid acrylic and finally watercolour, more acrylic, liquid gold and 24ct gold leaf paper.

Grace – In The Face Of Adversity


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