Not giving too much away at this point but keep a watch on this blog for what is coming up in 2021. There are a number of paintings, transformative work and participation opportunities coming up.


Preparation of a couple of surprises is underway, still working through strategy. Keeping this under the hat though, time will tell.

Podcast In The Making

A philosophical explorative podcast still in the designing and mapping out stages but hopefully up and running by the end of the year. This will depend on guest speakers availability etc. just talking helps us release some of the myths, stigma and experiences that we all share in our humanity. Further honing in in the point of why I’m creating the pieces I do and what the general hope, aims and ethos are in sharing them with the world.

Journaling And Blogging

More from the art journaling side again keeping this under my hat for now and of course more blog posts coming your way.

Online Store

A store to open either here on this website or on a separate platform but linked to this website again by the end of the year once I have accrued enough stock and filled out the website a little more so that it is in less of a skeleton form and it’s aims and purpose very clear. However the site does represent a life’s work so sets out the path of exploration and that’s what the pages represent but something written in them would certainly help bring more clarity at least hopefully creating more of a picture as to the point and focus of the creative energy that has gone into my artwork in general.

There will be a natural flow of investigation and uploading as the project plods on with time.

These are just a few plans, fingers crossed it goes without hitch.

Aims And Ethos

Most importantly this website and the work within is designed to elicit a level of safe self reflection from the viewer and all new ventures coming up will incorporate the same ethos.


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