So stage one exploring who we are as humans, who I am starts with awareness of the physical body. I have been exploring this in a number of ways but let’s start by sculpture and some Cyanotype. I have been pretty particular in exploring this body of mine, I’m coming at it with the perspective of having a couple of long term conditions. Equally I decided that this sculpture would be made ecologically, leaving less of a carbon footprint (pun intended) so the skeleton is being built using old medical equipment, wires, rubber and from all medicine boxes. I’ve been storing from the day I began using insulin just over a year ago. I’ve been slacking the cardboard for some time so that it is at its softest for the paper mache elements. These medicines (so many I don’t take now) have been within every part of my physical functioning so are significant in the make up of the body. Also having MS I get affected by primary muscle fatigue so the feet are exaggerated and heavily made with air drying clay. The Cyanotype was just a fun addition and will be explored further later. It has been quite eye opening working in this way really bringing attention to the bone structure not seen by the naked eye, along with joint function and ligaments, the functional structure. Interesting beginnings. Progress to follow.

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