Visual Artists Association Spring Art Exhibition 2021

You are invited to attend the Spring 2021 exhibition by the Visual Artists Association (VAA) launching today.

My artwork is exhibited here, you will find me in Gallery One


Information below is my accompanying speech which introduces my piece above that was selected. It is called ‘Divine’:

User 326726150 · VAA 2021

In order to attend click here: alternatively just in case the above link has problems you can visit via (fixed a small mistake in this link will work now apologies) and select Online Exhibition from the top menu, this will open the exhibition

Open from laptop or iPad, exhibition now live!

Alternatively you can go to the menu of this website click on ‘Current Online Exhibitions’ and then ‘Virtual Artists Association Spring Exhibition 2021’ again that will take you there, directly (again small error in the link has been corrected and it works properly).

(Please note the links will not work on a mobile device without a particular app I suggest viewing it on an iPad/ laptop/iMac or PC)

Attendance is FREE

If you wish to you can vote for your favourite artist (if it happens to me I’m listed as Stacie Amelia but it’s your personal choice) you can vote here




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