Art Exhibition

The Being Human In Lockdown 2021- 1 Year On exhibition is now live. Click here to enter. This is reflective of British lockdown as this is where I reside but not dismissive of the experiences felt elsewhere in the world earlier. You will find the link under ‘Current Online Exhibitions’ in the menu above (also the link for the previous lockdown exhibitions). The exhibition itself is global and consists of 25 pieces (bringing the lockdown total to 90 pieces as a set) it includes participants from across the world just like its predecessors Being Human in Lockdown 2020 and Six Months On. I hope I have captured as broad a picture as possible within the pieces. Some are continuations for consistency throughout and some are new to reflect other voices. Still in this situation a year on. Still without understanding of origins or when it will end (transformation from pandemic to endemic) but perhaps with some sense of hope that this is in sight for at least some but regretfully not all by the end of this year. May all know it by next year. What a strange, fearful, confusing, shocking, grief filled, heartbreaking, frustrating, stressful mentally exhausting and breaking moments for some yet peaceful for others year it has been. Both dichotomously destructive and healing. Find anticipated it but the reality has been quite something else. May this artwork mark a poignant moment in our time and may our humanity be reflected in what most of us couldn’t have truly with any sense of personal reality have predicted.

For those whom maybe interested, since asking you about your lockdown experience in this Being Human In Lockdown 2021 Art Exhibition I also shared mine here. Feel free to take a look if you wish.

In memory of all those whom have not made it with us today 💐


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