Just a way to record natural mind process, entirely metaphoric like dreaming and free from precognition. Simple momentary arising and not easily decoded. A lovely way to monitor moments of mind stories as they pass like clouds. The collection will be pulled together to create a bigger picture in this Covid moment.

2 thoughts on “Continuing The Free Mind Doodling

  1. Theres so much going on in this one..identity…bit of frazzled head exhaustion..anger…ghosts.. nature…regrets… joy..I swear the eyes blinked at me..just keep going with the flow..Love it would stand and look for hours its surrealWell doneSent from Samsung Mobile on O2

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  2. I approach the doodling in differing ways this first image was the 5 year old school message of let the pencil move around your page lol. Then seeing what I see in the shapes. ☺️


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