Wow the heat, incredible these past few days. Glorious!

Whilst taking time to find space to just be outdoors, connecting with nature and the camera (a hobby) much of my time has been focused on editing. Manifesting pieces for exhibition. It is such an honour helping people to find their expression. I have been working on these pieces for quite some time now, quite a list to get through. In the end I narrowed it down to 50 participants, 75 was a bit ambitious especially when working with other people’s emotion but I have spoken with some whom submitted and they are happy to form a small part within the next exhibition around #digitalstorytelling in October. For now, a couple of laughs and adjustments as people adapt to their morphed images as it throws up matters around sense of ‘self’. A couple of people are happy to be identified but in general some of the raw honesty needs protected so that people can really share their stories. During this pandemic it is so important that people feel acknowledged and have the space to express themselves so that some of the pent up energy gets released. It’s not helpful for us to hold emotion inside. Through artwork (even though it is myself creating the pieces on behalf of others) language can be transformed into a story without words, healing parts of us or bringing relaxation from places that words don’t quite touch. Still quite a few pieces of artwork to navigate and create.

It has been such an interesting process internalising each story and matching it with a sense of who each person is and what is needing expressed yet very little of it coming from my own sense making. Much of the artwork I produce generally arises within my own mind but it is quite something else to listen to others and create something to match their meaning. It has been lovely, moving, humbling and filled with moments of raw heart honesty and laughter 🙏✨

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