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This poem was inspired by an interpersonal exchange this week.

Inadvertent Incognita

When you think, feel and know that you lived, there’s a story of what happened but nothing to prove that it did.

Nothing of substance than can be touched to say for sure ‘yes’, but you know it was there, you know! ‘yeah’?

Solid evidence is absent, you won’t find it. Not a trace nor even a tiny fragment.

Where is your proof they ask, is your life contrived? Where can you find it? From where did it derive?

When you felt what you felt and still you remember, but all that exists is only sense and no ember.

When there are traces of memory felt in your body, was it ever really there? Is there a hard copy?

When you cannot utter words because there is no definitive truth. You know it was there! but where is the proof?

Memory is all just sense of a truth. Ever evading, no map, no road, no objectivity that’s aiding.

Such grief in the soul because what was there is now missing. Elusive in essence, like some sort of omission.

Did you ever exist? Is your life true? Only those whom were there are those that knew.

Nothing to corroborate senses and feeling, no solid host. Was it ever there? I feel like a ghost.

Nothing is real they say, without objective evidence, so what was there?


~ By Stacie Amelia

16 thoughts on “What Is It That Exists?

  1. What a brilliant way to point to the Buddhist teaching of “emptiness”! We all experience the situation you describe, and there IS nothing there – just our Awareness – and even that becomes just memory, an awareness of memory (which can fade, or alter…). Sometimes this is compared to the track of a bird in flight. Are we just Awareness? Nicely written! (and read, it’s good to hear it)

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  2. I have a question. I noticed that you used “whom” twice (so far) where I would have used “who”. Could you please elaborate? Not criticizing, just asking (I know it’s borderline rude and I apologize in advance for asking.)


  3. It’s ok I may have used it wrong. I’m not too fixated on it though personally. The meaning is the same. I’m an ordinary person and could easily have mixed it up. Let me check.


  4. “Only those whom were there are those that knew”. The subject of the sentence is not performing any action (no verb as such) so as far as I understand ‘whom’ is in this instance the the correct term.

    I can only find the one sentence with the word in this piece. In other writing I could easily have used it feeling uncertain.


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