Intuitive painting outdoors. Working with some difficult emotions arising from news over the past couple of weeks.

I anticipated something very different to what manifested. Still to finish by adding a couple of details.. As I was painting the second day at the beach a woman approached me and complemented my work then handed me a gift. Given I was working with some difficult emotions I was really moved by it

The meaning is so symbolic, without suffering we cannot grow (no mud no lotus). I was deeply grateful, the lady was so heartfelt. She is a creative herself and as you might tell from the gift she is a pyrographer and creates a lot of (very good) etched wood pieces. On the back of the gift is the inscription #shinesigns, what a wonderful movement! Loving inspirational pieces to contribute to people’s wellbeing. I think it’s wonderful.

It was quite a heart moment, spot on and she gave me a beautiful write up on Instagram! Amazing. I feel honoured, thank you. 🙏

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