Action to make changes and heal the climate saving future lives

As with many of you this young girl has captured my attention. I am deeply concerned about what we are sleepily allowing to happen to our selves and our future families. This girl speaks such sense and I’m rendered speechless at the very raw truth of the circumstances we have created and I pledge to help in what ever way possible to support the planting of trees all over the world and doing what it takes to heal and restore the coral especially in the Great Barrier Reef that has been all but wiped up. The greed of a select few controls our world and we are conditioned to buy into it all for the sake of lining the richest 1% with money. More money than the rest of the world owns. 7billion people and so much poverty, oil wars killing people for money, for power and control and this very behaviour is tearing down our forests for Palm oil and digging up fossil fuels. Fracking causing such harm all owned by 1% of our population greed knows no boundaries. Instead of paying these people to produce toxic harmful products we need to turn fully, whole heartedly to restoring the natural vegetation, the trees, we need so plant so many trees and other carbon absorbing plants. We can keep thinking about ourselves and our lives and our families and what matters in our day to day or we can open our eyes and see the rest of our human race needs us to wake up and act immediately, not just for us but also for all the animals whom our ecosystem struggles to love with out. We are on the brink of mass extinction alright, of insects, mammals, animals and humanity. It is time to act, not later but now. Thank you to such wisdom from from 16 year old Greta Thunburg and other young people who are standing up to the ignorance and taking climate change away from politics and making it very real for you & I. Speaking the evidence, the criticalness, the reality we are facing…we. We can do our bit in many ways large or small but it will take each of us to do our bit. Let’s not let the top 1% keep us in our slumber against their greed which is causing the destruction of the one thing that will support us regardless our life story…the earth. We need to heal our planet, our climate and our future. We together can make a difference, “this is not a drill!” This is the real thing. Find a way to help, be donating to an action for climate change charity, changing your own behaviours in a more environmentally friendly way, organising (legally and responsibly) or taking part in a charity organised event replanting trees. Let’s see the healing of the Great Barrier Reef and other coral areas let’s help our way together to a safer future for us and the many whom will follow in time. Now is the time for action. Whatever you can do it counts.

Click here to pledge tour commitment to planting more trees (uk only)

I am deeply moved by this young girl’s honesty, challenging where truly needed and her inspirational leadership. Thank you Greta and thank you to all of the young ambassadors whom are leading the way by speaking such profound and clear truth.

There are so many matters that touch my heart but this has to be the loudest clearest need for action. To view the videos please click on the following links:


The Science

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