Yesterday I began travels once more, this time to attend a mini retreat up in the hills of Loch Ness, this is my favourite part of Scotland, not only the vastness of space but the concept that this loch exists as a result of a fault line where two continents meet. I had always considered Scotland to be one part of the larger continent of Europe however this is not so. I have very much enjoyed the journey here and what I love most about these trips is the opportunity to meet and chat with strangers. I have never felt so blessed with kindness as I have this past few months, just because my mobility is changing it needn’t be a barrier to travel people are so willing to lend a hand. I arrived in Inverness last night and stayed in a small place, The Struy Guest House. Amazingly comfortable and grand company. Again another cheap but excellent accommodation option.

The Loch is looking beautiful in the sunshine this morning I must say.

Last week seen the epic island stops. I will chat more about this and reflections and conversations that arose however this morning just peace as I am arriving at my stop ๐Ÿ™


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