~ by Stacie Amelia ~

An abyss falls within, an unwelcome weight, pulling down into darkness where the other lost wait.

Each soul is crying in heaviness of grief, (There is hope though for that pain to fall away …like a leaf)

It takes time for each soul to find their own way out, be it to crawl, to climb, meditate or shout.

The abyss keeps falling creating deep and dark paths, this journey a great depiction of a raw aftermath

Healing or pain? neither can be forsaken. No-one can know which, nor the general time taken.

…whether this abyss is temporary or not? Or if it’s overwhelming and all the lost become caught?

This darkness however is an opportunity for growth, here seeds are planted and evolves a moment for oath.

For in times ahead the light will again shine. Hearts will feel familiar and fuelled by all that is divine.

Stacie Amelia ©️

(poem about PTSD and depression)


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