It has been such a long time since I last posted, there have been many reasons for this not least a loss of confidence in my very being.

After many attempts approaching this work I have found it challenging as it is asking me to both look deeper into human nature and therefore also deeper into my own heart. I have had a sense of the route I was taking and like most things… life happened, interrupted, or more accurately I interrupted myself.

To remedy this in the past while I have been taking the time to deeply reflect, query motivation and find the spark again for moving forward with this project. In this past year I lost all confidence. I lost confidence in myself, my purpose, my instincts and the reason for beginning this exploration.

Revisiting The Roots

The root of this artistic journey was about finding my way through some pretty hard events and about choosing life. It was about understanding that there are so many people in the world suffering in various degrees everyday and my trying to learn more about all the different ways we as human beings make sense of things and create meaningful existence amid our joys and heartaches.

It is for me about developing a deeper understanding, compassion and love.

So here I am, reconnecting.

I hope through public engagement and artwork to help people feel less isolated, more tolerant and find a space within to truly accept themselves just as they are.


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