In earlier posts I have found myself contemplating the concept of time, that there has been a past which isn’t happening now whilst simultaneously being aware that there is a moving on from right now, that there is no static.  People, circumstances, objects all change form, nothing is as it was and nothing will stay as it is.  Being human I am aware of experiencing emotion in each moment that I recognise change, always having to newly relate to the new manifestations as they are happening.  This can be challenging.  One of my most favourite philosophical quotes is…

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” -Heraclitus: A Greek philosopher of Ephesus (near modern Kuşadası, Turkey) who was active around 500 BCE,

“It is not possible to step twice into the same river according to Heraclitus, nor to come into contact twice with a mortal being in the same state” -Plutarch: a Greek biographer and essayist 45AD-120AD

….and again the sentiment is reflected by Plato

Everything changes and nothing stands still

This is our felt experience, as humans we are aware of the concept not just the happening of the change.  My query today is around our emotional reactions to continual change, evolution.  What difficulties arise within us or what possibilities come into focus?

I found an interesting article this morning…

Science says: Time is not moving forward instead everything and every change all exists at once.  That there is no forward or back only now.  Some scientists go so far as to say that time only is because we exist to observe it happening, that the movement of time only exists because it is what manifests within our minds:

‘Time may only exist in our heads’

Many routes can be explored from this point i.e. attachment, how we develop, emotional experiencing, universal law: quantum physics and classical mechanics, impermanence, the power of intention…. the list is not exhaustive and the question is where do I, in my own human subjective experience, go first?


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