Arrived in Drumnadrochit last night to find I was invited to share a very special birthday moment with someone I had just met.  The backpackers lodge has just been taken over by new management (and their adorable baby), they had prepared a birthday cake for a member of staff and just as I arrived in the kitchen they came in to light the candles.  I was asked to join in the celebration with the other staff singing happy birthday.   I felt  uncomfortable, out of place and yet it felt nice to be celebrating for someone and nice to be singing, brining a feeling of value to a complete stranger. From the moment I arrived I felt related to like I was an old friend.

Sometimes life has a synchronicity that is unexplainable, filled with genuine connection and priceless.  We find ourselves in a significant moment at the most unexpected of times or places.
Last week I happened to be in a shop making sounds with a singing bowl to be met with a return ‘ting’.  Doubting myself I made the sound again and sure enough there was another ting in response.  Looking around I couldn’t see anyone, baffled but curious I began to play a short tune with the different bowls and a responding tune followed.  Finally I saw a younger man, hidden behind some merchandise, smiling at me holding tiny bells, we continued to play our shared music for a while it was a wonderful moment.

At the backpackers lodge yesterday evening the theme was connection, be it mother to baby, manager to staff, staff to guests, stranger to stranger…the real human to human moments that touch the soul and remain lasting memories.

I wondered what it was about inclusive connection that lifts us. Maslows hierarchy of needs lists love and belonging as key to self development, I want to reflect on this more.