The journey begun early and after some cinema in Glasgow I am now aboard my connecting bus to the first stop of this trip, Drumnadrochit.  I was surprised to discover I am travelling on a luxury bus! A nice flow of free refreshments, I’m feeling fortunate.

Discussion so far has focused on the the natural order and how we as humans (unlike other animals) have the ability to make choices about the environment, whether to treat it well and protect the land which supports us or to, for example with fracking, focus on generating income in the here and now and expose people to danger with toxicity.

Help or Harm

As humans we have the ability to help or harm.  Each of us have our own reasoning for why we do the things we do, causing harm is not on the main usually intentional.  Sometimes we don’t know how best to help and make mistakes, some of us learn, some of us don’t and of course there are some who harm willingly.

It seems from the conversations so far in being human we have a responsibility to consider our wants, what we chose to accept/ disregard and the wider sentient shared need.

A moral compass? 

There are so many dangerous practices happinging throughout our world, distructive harmful behaviours that are torturing our people, our wildlife and our environment.   I hope in this artistic journey to explore what really motivates us to behave as we do. To understand more what our personal moral compass’ are and the degree to which they differ.

The unconscious battle of want vs need

Also in discussions today particular focus went to consumerism and how it has deeply affected the society in which we live, constant bombardment of “you will be happier, look better, more respected, belong with the best if you have …..” All that we have, are surrounded by, that we call on to define us.  The striving to fit in, how our very human nature, our biological and evolutionary need to survive mean it is not easy to step out of the mass message, the continual loop of propaganda and advertisement without it bringing psychological distress.  How much are the messages having a grip within each of us?  How far does it take us? What are we willing to do, sacrifice, develop, allow, embrace, reject to feel accepted/ belong and ‘feel human’?

So far it has been a good phylisophical start to the work and there is much more to consider from today’s conversations alone.  As I slip into the beautiful Scottish Highlands I move into deep reflective thought and sign out.